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Schedule your free 30-minute consultation!

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  • One-to-One Account Management- As a partner of Principal Media Communications, LLC – you receive quality one-to-one service for all of your business needs.
  • Multiple options available for meetings– We will determine with you, a ‘Preferred Communications Protocol, and set out under what circumstances you would prefer a face-to-face meeting, versus a telephone conversation, email or video chat. That written protocol will then be communicated to every professional and support staff member serving your organization.
  • Semi-Annual Strategy Sessions– As a partner- you are eligible for one free special strategy session semi-annually for the purpose of briefing us on matters related to better understanding new developments in your business and new developments in your industry.
  • Feedback & Changes– In our annual surveys- You get to provide us with feedback regarding your customer experience, make suggestions and since your suggestions are taken seriously- you will see your suggestions implemented immediately.
  • Masters of Search Marketing– Our firm has a reputation for generating quality leads organically through Search Engine Optimization and through paid search.
  • Masters of Content Marketing– Content Marketing is part of our forte. Whether it’s Whitepapers or Video- we create the best content that helps you achieve your long-term marketing goals.
  • Masters of Social Media Marketing– We live in a day and age where if your business is not on social media- you will lose a significant amount of quality leads and as a result lose out on revenue.
  • Masters of Brand Marketing– The name of the game is to get your brand identity in front of your prospects in a high value manner as often as possible. The reason Fortune 500 companies spend billions of dollars a year on advertising is to penetrate their target audience’s subconscious with their brand in a high value or emotional manner.

We specialize in B2B companies!

We provide superior digital marketing services that will help you overcome your marketing problems and help you achieve your company’s strategic goals!

We specialize in B2C companies!

Are you having a hard time attracting customers? If so, then partnering up with Principal Media Communications, LLC is the correct choice for you.

We specialize in e-commerce companies!

Are you having marketing problems with e-commerce? Are you having a hard time getting your website visitors to convert into customers? If so, then Principal Media Communications, LLC is the correct choice for you.

We specialize in tech/saas and app companies!

Do you own a tech company? Do you own a saas company? Do you own an app company and you want a huge increase in your app impressions and downloads? If so, then Principal Media Communications is the correct choice for you.

We specialize in educational institutions!

Do you want to attract new students to your educational institution? If so, then Principal Media Communications LLC is the correct choice for you.

We specialize in non-profit companies!

Do you want you spread your strong cause to the masses and encourage a movement for your cause? If so, then Principal Media Communications, LLC is the correct choice for you.

We specialize in healthcare companies!

Do you have a healthcare practice and need to attract new clients? Do you have a new healthcare service that you would like to sell to hospitals? If so, then Principal Media Communications, LLC is the correct choice for you.

We specialize in creative/media companies!

Do you want people the masses to know about your creative genius? Are you the owner of a movie company, theater company or any other form of art? If so, then Principal Media Communications, LLC is the correct choice for you.

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Exploitees LLC

Digital Marketing Strategy- Brent Castillo Founder & CEO

The Marketing plan that Amin Robinson created for me articulated which marketing channels I should use for my company  and why I should use them. My brand was made very clear to me and my target audience was clearly defined as well. The execution of the plan was made very clear also as to how it was going to be implemented in order to make my company profitable. Amin Robinson executed the plan with accuracy and precision and got fantastic results for my business.


SEO and Paid Social Ads- Leon Jones Founder & CEO

I had a idea of what SEO and PPC ads were but I did not know where to begin. Amin Robinson clearly explained what the benefits of SEO and PPC ads was in a way which made me a true believer that if you have a website- you should make SEO optimization mandatory. My organic traffic grew 100% in just 4 months and the traffic that I received from the paid social ads that Amin Robinson created and executed for me compounded my results. My email subscriber list grew by 50% in just 3 months of paid social ads alone.
RJS Security Training Corporation

Paid Search and Paid Social Integrated Campaign- Roland Stanley Founder & CEO

When it comes to Google Ad-words and  Microsoft Bing Ads Amin Robinson is an expert at achieving a 10/10 Quality Score-which enabled me to maximize my conversions at the lowest cost per click. The Google Ad-words, Microsoft Bing ads and Paid Social ads that Amin Robinson created and executed for me increased my number of customers, made it easier for people to find my business, and gave me a great R.O.I.